Frank Ocean - Pyrite (Fools Gold)

i needed this right now 

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god damnnnn, you are fucking hot.

soooo annoyed right now like seriously what happened to a niggaa NOT running & telling everything? Oh my goddd done with high school for a fuckin reason I don’t have time for this 👎

geeked up off them barrrrz  (Taken with Instagram)

geeked up off them barrrrz (Taken with Instagram)

pure torture.

this is pure fucking torture. why am i doiiiing this to myself?


don’t fucking telllll me that shiiit. -___-

everybody knew i cared about you….. you had to have known too

it’s like, i have this problem

where I literally only want what I already know I can’t have.


extremely successful saturdayyy~

tannned… took bars….got cold beer… tanned… took more bars… hit a funnny ass lickk on a fatttt lil quad of purp… More tanning… Rum.. Blunts… more beer… more blunts… lakers win ♥

but I mean, every days a great day in the drop topppp ;)

hahaa I just walked somewhere for the first time in a minute.

which is sad, but ayyyye I got to bring out the supras and boyyyy have I missed them! ♥

Titantic in IMAX 3d = tears, tears, more tears.

I knewww there was a reason I came home earlyyy, Channing Tatum & Drew Brees on jayyy leno (; ♥

Alright faggots, realize: Mac Miller, Kid Cudi, Kirko Bangz… They are not “TRILL”

So fucking stop with the “ooohh I listen to Mac miller!! #TRILL #YOLO” because trill & yolo should never go in the same sentence, and y’all are annoying mee.